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magnets are made of an alloy of neodym, iron and boron. Even the smallest magnets have amazing superpowers – you will be amazed how strong they are.

Since neodym magnets corrode in air without coating, our fix-o-moll magnets are nickel-plated, which also gives them a high-quality silver finish. Some magnets are also in a silicone sleeve, which protects sensitive surfaces, has an anti-slip effect and makes the magnets more resistant to weathering.


magnets are by far not as strong as neodym magnets, but they have the great advantage that they do not corrode and are therefore often used uncoated.

They are ideal for outdoor use, are heat resistant as well as moisture resistant. Due to their matte anthracite-colored surface, they are easy to distinguish from neodym magnets. In addition to the hard magnets, there are also elastic magnetic tapes, which are ideal for attaching small, metallic objects to them, but also to magnetically equip light objects such as memo blocks.

How much POWER do you need?

fix-o-moll magnets are among the strongest magnets available on the market today. Neodym magnets impress with their incredible magnetic forces at minimum volume. These small power packs can carry up to 40 kg. They are easy to attach, can be removed without leaving any residue and are reusable.

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